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Foreigner Mortgage Finance for Thai Property in Hua Hin and other destinations in Thailand

For a long time, obtaining financing within Thailand as a foreigner was seen as impossible. For several years, a public listed Thai company have been working to change this, offering an accessible product for all foreigners looking to buy or already owning property across Thailand.

Focusing on the freehold property market, they have solutions available for those looking to purchase condos, villas, houses or land. Offering loans of up to 50% of the valuation or purchase price (whichever lower) for terms of up to 10 years based on the Minimum Lending Rate of SCB Bank + 2.375%. With no upper limits on loan amount and a low minimum restriction of THB 1 million per loan, this product has gained great interest and they now have a client portfolio which truly spreads across the globe. A key strength of the product is that there are no requirements for a Thai spouse or a Thai work permit and they can recognize income from the majority of countries.

This product is available on new purchases, resales and for equity release, presenting a fantastic opportunity for new buyers, as well as existing investors with an already existing property portfolio. With a list of nearly 250 condo developments already approved, and continuing to grow, it means that for buyers/owners in these development that wish for finance, a very quick decision in principal can be given based on the pre-approved loan amounts. If a development is not on the list, then no need to worry; they regularly inspect new developments for a small fee to cover travel expenses and will arrange to do so as soon as a new application is received.

With land, house and villa financing available, this has become a popular option for Thai locals and Thai companies alike. With a few more requirements in terms of company documents, and different products available, this is something we like to discuss on a case-by-case basis.

Condo Loan Overview


  • Foreigner friendly, no work permit or permanent residence required
  • Faster, disbursement within 7 days after approval
  • Repay up to 50% of principal at maturity (or 50% balloon payment at the end)
  • Very high rate of approval


No work permit

  • No requirement for permanent residence or employment in Thailand


  • Off-plan loan also available with different terms & conditions apply and can be pre-approved at off plan stage and drawdown when the project is completed


  • Loan purpose can be for purchasing new condo, refinancing existing loan or releasing equity.


  • Applicant can either be individual or company. Mortgage registration can be completed within 7 working days after application gets approved.

Terms & Conditions

Principal : Up to 50% of independent valuation, minimum THB 1 million

Interest : SCB MLR (currently 6.275%) + 2.375%

Collateral : Condominium in Bangkok and its peripheral, key resort provinces

Currency : Thai Baht

Term : Minimum 1 year up to 10 years

Repayment : Monthly installment* required with option for balloon payment

up to 50% of loan at maturity

* More details in below table

Monthly Installment Example

Table of monthly payments based on THB 1-million loan with varied % balloon payment

Loan Period% Balloon payment at the end
10 yr11,00011,50012,00012,40012,90013,400
7 yr12,70013,50014,30015,10016,00016,800
5 yr15,00016,30017,60018,90020,10021,400
3 yr20,50022,90025,30027,70030,10032,400
2 yr27,50031,20035,00038,80042,50046,300
1 yr48,30056,30064,20072,20080,10088,100


Subject to SCB’s MLR change

Kai-Faak: Sale with Right of Redemption,       for Land, Houses and Villas


  • Finance against commercial or residential property
  • No ceiling of approved credit limit
  • Interest charging at effective rate
  • Easy to get approved
  • Early redemption at anytime
  • Faster, cashed within 7 days after approval

Terms & Conditions

Principal : Up to 50% of valuation, minimum THB 5 million and unlimited of loan size

Interest : Minimum 12% per annum

Term : 1 year with renewal for 1 year two times

Interest Payment : Deducted in advance for the contract period or at least 1 year upon loan drawdown

*****Please contact us here at Property Solutions Hua Hin and we will put you in touch with this Nationwide  Publicly Listed Thai Company to arrange your financing*****

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