9 best reasons why Hua Hin in Thailand is one of the best retirement destinations in the world

Hua Hin is a seaside resort location on the Gulf of Thailand. It was once a quiet fishing village which slowly transformed into a magnificent, fashionable escape when the Thai royal family built summer places there. Soon, it was the must-go places for residents of Bangkok after 1920’s.

The Hua Hin Beach is extremely popular for kitesurfing and other fun water sports activities. Apart from that, it has a long stretch of sandy beach, lined with luxury hotels and numerous seafood shacks.

No wonder Lonely Planet calls it as “Hua Hin is where the city meets the sea.”

In this article, you will find the top 9 reasons why Hua Hin in Thailand is one of the best retirement destinations in the world.

Reason #1: Easy to obtain a retirement visa

Thailand is known for its majestic landscape and iconic beaches. Getting a (retirement) visa to resides in Hua Hin is incredibly easy. You can even find the exact steps on the Thailand Embassy!

Here are some simple steps to get a retirement visa in Thailand.

(i) Obtaining a non-immigrant visa

In this part, you need to have a passport with more than one-year validity. At the same time, you need to be holding nationality or permanent residence in the country of application (of the passport).

Lastly, you need to be able to show a proof of funds in your bank account before you can start the second part.

(ii) Obtaining a one-year retirement visa

There are several requires for this step. Don’t worry, the guides are as below:

  • 50 years or above in age
  • Passport (signed copies of each page)
  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Departure card TM.6
  • Proof of meeting financial requirements
  • Thai Bank Book (original as photocopies are not accepted)
  • Letter from your Thai Bank
  • Three (3) 4 x 5 cm photos with full face taken

(iii) Obtaining a re-entry permit

It is important to understand the differences between “Extension of Stay” and “Re-entry Permit.” The below is a snippet taken directly from the Thai Embassy:

The Extension of Stay is simply the controlling date. Everything else is dependent on this. Everything is invalidated when your Extension of Stay expires. On the other hand, the Re-entry Permit’s validity is subject to the validity of your Extension of Stay. However, leaving Thailand without a re-entry permit automatically invalidates your extension of stay.

Does the above make any sense to you?

(iv) Reporting your stay every 90 days and visa expiration

Once every 90 days, you are required to report to the Immigration Police. This is necessary if you are on a long-term extension of stay.

If you are unable to obtain an extension inside Thailand, you will need to get a new non-immigrant visa from any Thai Embassy abroad.

Reason #2: Affordable healthcare in Hua Hin

If healthcare is one of your concern, you can rest assured that it is well taken care of in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Regardless where you live in, having a good backup plan is vital for your life (and security). The cost of healthcare in Hua Hin is relatively low (affordable) and therefore, most expats could easily reply on their personal saving for unforeseen medical emergencies.

Of course, there is also numerous insurance covering accidents and health related matters which you can subscribe to.

Reason #3: Great beaches in Hua Hin

Image credit: TripAdvisor

Hua Hin, Thailand earned TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice because of its great beaches. According to TripAdvisor, Hua Hin is a pretty beachside town that is suitable for family and relaxation.

Besides that, there are over 136 hotels along with over 731 holiday rentals in Hua Hin.

It doesn’t matter if you are an active and adventurous holiday maker or simply, a relaxed expat looking for a lovely beach to chill. Hua Hin is the top choice for you!

Reason #4: Hua Hin’s modern facilities

Those days, Hua Hin was just a quiet fishing village, and it wasn’t known to many including Thai’s. But thanks to the holiday palaces for the Thai royals, Hua Hin had enjoyed numerous development over the years.

Many facilities are built in Hua Hin to modernize the location. For example, the building of True Arena Hua Hin was to add an attraction to the area especially in the sporting arena.

Facilities such as Cicada Market and Black Mountain Water Park are also the highlights of modern facilities in Hua Hin.

Reason #5: Ever-growing western standard infrastructure

With the constant development growth in Hua Hin, western style of standard infrastructure had become a norm.

Western standard infrastructure provides (and guarantees) a better level of living as well as comfort to the public.

Reason #6: Very affordable to live in Hua Hin on an overseas pension

Apart from the beautiful beaches and excellent infrastructure, Hua Hin is a great retirement location because it is extremely affordable to live in Hua Hin.

The low cost of living and very favorable exchange rates, Hua Hin has become one of the top most affordable places to live on especially with an overseas pension.

Don’t worry – you can still live very comfortably even with a small saving or overseas pension in Hua Hin.

Reason #7: Great value in Hua Hin real estate

Due to its strategic location, Hua Hin is always known as a haven for real estate investors. With the lovely beaches and scenic views, property investment in Hua Hin is a no-brainer.

At Hua Hin, it is incredibly easy to find a great family or retirement house with any budget. Not only owning a home is highly affordable to Hua Hin, but investing into various real estates in the proximity will also ensure a higher chance of profit in a long run.

Reason #8: Hua Hin is a haven for golf lovers

Did you know that Hua Hin is famous for golf lovers?

There are many excellent golf courses you can compete when you are at Hua Hin. For example, there is the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course, Thawimuk Golf Course, Palm Hills Golf and Country Club as well as the Springfield Royal Country Club.

With so many golf courses around, you can be assured that your golfing experience will be put to the test!

Reason #9: Safe and peaceful lifestyle in Hua Hin

Lastly, Hua Hin is not only considered a haven for retirees, but it is also known for its safe and friendly lifestyle.

Hua Hin isn’t as congested as those in bigger cities and commuting from one location to another is a breeze.

Transportation in Hua Hin is incredibly easy with the availability of motorbike taxi, tuk tuk, songthaew, taxi, and rickshaw. Furthermore, they are extremely affordable as well.

Besides that, Hua Hin is known for its safety and security. While practicing the standard security measures such as looking around and being attentive to the surrounding, there is nothing to worry about when you live in Hua Hin.