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How the Real Estate industry works in Hua Hin and other useful information

How it works with Property agents in Hua Hin

Being a professional real estate agent here in Hua Hin for 7 years (as of February 2019) I feel it’s very important that would-be property buyers understand the works of the real estate industry here in Hua Hin and the process of your search for a Property in Hua Hin starts with clarity for both yourself and us as your agent.

I myself as a successful business man who holds good relationships with many people in this town and has many clients you could refer to as a reference don’t want to carry out my business on the basis of selling a property by getting lucky, this meaning that as an example you view 5 properties with our agency today and 5 tomorrow with another agency and you liked a property and decided to proceed to buy with the other agency, this means my time with you was totally wasted and I could have shown you that property you liked too given a chance.

Time, ‘our time’ to you is totally free, it will never at any point cost you a single dime but it does cost us money in work time, diesel for our vehicles as well as the other day to day costs of running a business in a busy tourist resort, I say this to all my clients, we are happy to spend as much time with you that is totally needed to find you your ideal property that’s our commitment to you for your honesty and trust, if we don’t think we can match you to what you are looking for rest assured we will tell you and not lead you along, that would be a waste of everyone’s time.


Firstly, I should explain that 90% of the resale properties here in Hua Hin are listed by almost all the agents, for the maybe 10% that we don’t have listed we can still use these properties and co-broke with the listing agent on that listing.

Our agency represents 100% of all the most reputable developments in Hua Hin, our policy is not to sell properties by developers who have not completed at least one project here in Hua Hin, therefore again we have you covered there and can show you all the best projects.

What I am getting at in-essence is there really is no need to use multiple agents when searching for your ideal property here in Hua Hin, please see my reasonings below:

  • Double booked property viewings – One day you view a property with one agent and then the next day you mistakenly view again with another agent as both agents have the same listing but with different pictures – this is a waste of everyone’s time I am sure you agree?
  • For myself as an agent, if you have been out on viewings previously with another agency and looked at properties and I am not fully informed of what you have viewed then I don’t have the full picture in my head and this not only puts me at a disadvantage on that day but also prevents me from doing my job to the best of my ability which is what my clients expect.
  • Off-plan vs resale properties – In all honesty I would rather not have clients that choose to view off-plan new projects with another agent and then choose me to view resales, point one being it’s easier to view new developments than it is to view resales where we have to arrange keys and times of viewings with the property owner, if you choose me as your agent I want to show you both resale and new build. Point 2, in my experience with clients with a budget up to about 12 Mil Thai Baht and under, there is a 70% chance those buyers will buy on a new project off-plan, it makes no sense to me to put myself at a disadvantage of closing a property deal by just being used as an agent to view resales and I don’t get the opportunity to show the client new builds as well.
  • If you find a property on another website you like the look of feel free to send me a link, as above it’s highly likely we also have that property and if not we are happy to arrange a viewing for you with the other agent and accompany you to the viewing, this keeps us educated as to everything you have viewed and enables us to know exactly what your likes and dislikes are.
  • When you are looking into buying a new build property here in Hua Hin as soon as we give you the name of a project we register your name with that project, this enables you to get locked in at the current price if you go on to buy there and also enables the project to know that if you go direct to the project you are still our client and we will still get paid commission if you go there alone for our work on providing information to you on the project.

Choosing a real estate agent to work with in Hua Hin

I myself when I buy property abroad no matter which country in the world I choose to buy want to feel secure that I am using a reputable and honest brokerage when searching for my ideal property, I have seen clients try to cut corners when searching to buy property in Hua Hin and it can end in disaster on occasions and to be honest, I don’t have much sympathy, why ever would you come to a foreign country and decide to act in the total opposite way that you would in your home country if you wanted to buy a property there, some people do and it remains a mystery to me why some do…..?

Things to look for and to ask an agent you are considering working with.

  • Do you have a registered office you work from – do you think this is important ? surely this is a must, would you buy a property in your home country from a company that has no office ?
  • Work permit, registered company and pay your taxes – again, this is also a point which should never be over-looked, it’s imperative you choose an agent with the above criteria, this means that we are held accountable by the laws of the land and are accountable for everything we do in our job.
  • Another thing that must not be overlooked is the fact that if you are working with a so called agent that is not 100% legal you also may be breaking the law, yes that’s correct, work with an unregistered back street property agent and you could find yourself in trouble with the law here in Thailand, why take chances working with someone who can’t be held accountable for what they do ?

How we like to operate our business here at Property Solutions Hua Hin

Honesty, you like it and so do we, please let us know exactly where you are in the buying process ?

  • How well do you know Hua Hin ?
  • Are you looking to buy property in any specific area of town or the surrounding localities ?
  • Have you looked at anything previously ?
  • Please tell us the project names or send us links of what you have looked at previously ?
  • Likes and dis-likes ? This helps us immensely with our search and narrowing it down for you.

Reputable real estate agents in Hua Hin

After reading the above you may feel that I have been trying to put you off using any other agency here in Hua Hin apart from ourselves, not at all !!! obviously we would prefer you choose us but that’s a decision you can only make – There are 6 or 7 good agents here in Hua Hin that are reputable, very experienced, do the best for their clients and have a good life here in this town we all call home, all of those agents have offices, work permits, employ the necessary amount of Thais we have to by law and pay our taxes, choose one of these agents to work with and put your mind at ease and know you are in good hands.

Don’t work with one of the illegal agents in town that own a website and a desk in their front room and have no work permit or no tax record – You have been warned !!!!

As a closing note, if you are using say ‘1 other’ agent we can live with this, after all you may want a second opinion on things and we can understand that entirely and we are still happy to work with you, if you are using multiple different agents, we wish you luck in your search and would likely decline in working with you any further.

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