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Close to Beach Popular Bar Restaurant in Khao Takiab - Hua Hin

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Property ID : EBO0313303

For Sale 17,000,000 THB


Location in the prime area at the beginning of Khao Takiab surrounded by restaurants and cafes and night markets and close to the beach..

Fantastic opportunity to purchase a very popular Cafe/Restaurant/Bar, located on the main road as you enter Khao Takiab, very close to shops, hotels and the very busy Cicada market. The sale includes all fixtures and fittings and the freehold three storey town house The ground floor is dominated by a large bar, plus seating areas inside and a huge beer garden at the rear The second floor allows for a variety of activities from live entertainment, to a cosy quiet restaurant, to a private function room. The lavastone grill and separate bar enables it to run independently. Finally on the top floor there is accommodation suitable for owner, manager or even staff. There is also a roof-top sun lounging area with views to the sea and near-by Hyatt Regency Resort.

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Agent Lee Phillips

  • Mobile : (+66) 9-0405-9016

Lee Phillips, Managing Director of Hua Hin Property Solutions., Co Ltd.
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