Hua Hin – One of the best golfing destinations in the world – Updated March 2020

Thailand, a tropical paradise and one of the most visited and liked tourist destinations in the whole of South East Asia.

People visit Hua Hin and Thailand for many different reasons be it business or pleasure.

There is so much for tourists to do and see when visiting this amazing country, there is the obvious amazingly beautiful beaches, natural parks full of nature and wildlife, the Buddhist culture that is being practised today with all the magnificent temples. Thai cuisine which is recognised internationally as being some of the best food in the world as well as the renowned nightlife that exists in some parts. Visiting Thailand you will meet people from all different walks of life and the locals will always make you feel welcome to the ‘Land Of Smiles’

In this particular article we will be talking about Hua Hin and Golf, Hua Hin is one of the best golfing destinations in the world, a golfers paradise offering multiple different golf courses and scenery with world class facilities as well as having 2 golf courses on the Asian PGA tour.

Come and play golf in Hua Hin and we promise you won’t be disappointed, the scenery will always be good and of-course the weather will always be nice and warm, golfing in Hua Hin and the variation of golf courses here mean that it is suited to all levels of Golfers being the novice or pro, there is something for everyone.

Golf Courses in Hua Hin and the surrounding areas:

Above are the most popular courses in Hua Hin, there is more slightly further a field and if you wanted to book any of these courses and, or need help with accommodation then please visit Siam PGA and they will be happy to assist and get favourable rates for groups of golfers.

What Are The Usual Prices For Golfing In Hua Hin?

The prices per game range from 2000 THB to 5000 THB approximately, it is a good idea to shop around online & find the right golf course for you before committing to a deposit & setting off on your golfing trip, contacting one of the golf tour companies we have in Hua Hin they will be able to give you some good, professional and honest advice on this.

Hua Hin and Thai Golf courses are becoming very popular globally with golfers and a golfing holiday here in Hua Hin is an experience not to be forgotten due to not only the amazing golf courses themselves that are beautifully maintained but also the breath-taking scenery, the friendliness of the staff running these golf courses and also the amazing world class hospitality offered in Thailand generally.

What Sets Hua Hin Golf Courses Apart From Other Golf Courses In The Country?

Hua Hin, in comparison to other parts of the country of Thailand is more remote and generally quieter than for instance, Bangkok which is a bustling metropolis of constant activity.

Hua Hin began as a fishing village intended as an escape for people wanting a break from Bangkok, now it is a beautifully developed area with a range of activities available all over the district, everything from kite-surfing at the beach, to leisurely games of golf and then a meal at one of the many high-end seafood restaurants in the area afterwards.

The golf courses in particular offer something unique to Thailand, a phenomenal experience and a range of courses that are suitable for golfing tourists at any level of experience or enthusiasm.

When Is The Best Time To Go Golfing In Hua Hin?

The golf courses are open all year round, however at peak season you may face issues booking the golf course you want, which is why it may be worth booking in advance.

The more popular golf courses will almost certainly be in demand at high season, so you may have to either compromise on location (if it is a last minute booking) or book well in advance to make sure you are able to play at the course of your choice.

Are There Plenty of Hotels Nearby To Stay In?

If you wish to spend some time at one of the golfing resorts in Hua Hin that is one option, however most visitors to Hua Hin are looking for an all round holiday, including golf, evening entertainment including the bars in town as well as the world class restaurants Hua Hin has to offer and prefer to be based in the town itself and we have some of the best known hotel brands here including Centara, Hilton hotel, Inter Continental, Hyatt and well as some of the smaller, world class boutique hotels and lots of budget hotels too.

A quick online search for Hua Hin Hotels will bring you a range of suitable locations to fit your price range.

What Other Activities Besides Golfing Are Available In The Area of Hua Hin?

There are activities like the Foodies’ local tour which enables food enthusiasts to sample all kinds of local cuisine, there are the religious temples like the “Wat Khao Krailas” site which offer a remarkable experience for people interested in the local heritage and history of Thailand.

Other activities include: Visiting the local beach for the sun-chasers, The black mountain water park (which is remarkably cheap) for people looking for thrills & spills, visiting the nature resorts such as the “Hutsadin Elephant Foundation“ which offers the tourist the chance to meet these “gentle giants”, for the shoppers there is the “Cicada market” which offers food stalls & live music and entertainment (with an art gallery for art enthusiasts) and Blu Port the recently opened spectacular resort shopping Mall with all the top international branded goods for sale there.

An abundance of world class international restaurants exist in Hua Hin with International cuisine and of-course amazing Thai food which has become so popular internationally the last 10 years or so

Hua Hin caters for tourism from all walks of life and offers spectacular locations for Golf and a wide range of other activities for tourists both young and old & all price ranges.

Purchasing Property here in Hua Hin Thailand has also become a big business here as we get more and more people of all different nationalities coming to retire here because of it’s popularity and here at Property Solutions Hua Hin we sell both condos and Villas to our international clientele.

We are also selling to clients who are purchasing in advance of retirement and using their properties as holiday homes and also investors buying property with a view to using the properties limited periods and renting the properties out whilst it’s not in use by the owners. Rental returns for property investors in Hua Hin are on average 8% at this moment in time.

There is lots of different varieties of properties available here in Hua Hin, ranging from luxury sprawling mansions on golf courses to more modest, Luxury Pool Villas on secure, gated developments which are fully managed for your convenience including 24 security and garden and swimming pool services.

If you insisted on being closer to town and closer to the beach was your preference then you would be better looking into purchasing a luxury condo or apartment here in Hua Hin

The team here at Property Solutions would gladly assist you in any real estate requirements you may have, please visit our homepage for our contact details and we look forward to maybe hearing from you.